Cave Art


(Cause the below cartoon to embiggenate by tapping the big elephant.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Being Considerate.

Should you be having any trouble with understanding today’s cartoon, think about what cave dwellers typically painted and where they painted them. Then consider the definition of avant-garde. If you still don’t get it, go to the nearest window and jump out of it. But make sure it is on the ground level and that there is a soft place to land. No need to get overly dramatic about a cartoon, for crap’s sake.

Phish Philosophy

bz panel 08-15-13bz strip 08-15-13Bizarro is brought to you by Fossils.

If you don’t get this gag, it is doubtless because you’ve never heard of Swedish Fish, an ancient and pretty famous candy. Wisely, though they look like little red fish, the manufacturer decided to make them taste like something else. Nobody knows exactly what, though. As my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh (whose idea this gag was) says on his blog today, they taste “red.” He has more to say about this collaboration here. (more…)