Smiley Fez Icing Smut

bz panel 03-31-14bz strip 03-31-14bz panel 04-01-14bz strip 04-01-14bz panel 04-02-14bz strip 04-02-14Bizarro is brought to you today by A Good Read.


As I’ve mentioned here before, I design and draw my cartoons to fit into the vertical “panel” format, then reposition that art and add to it as necessary for the horizontal “strip” version. So I think most of my gags work better as panels, but in this case, the strip works better because we get a better sense of the speeding taxi. In both frames, however, the hapless texter gets flattened. (more…)

Bucket Drunk Alien Bats

Bizarro is brought to you today by Making Your Parents Proud.

I got a few emails about this cartoon from people who did not understand it. At least one admitted to not knowing what the word “reverb” means, so maybe that’s it. Reverb is the echo you hear on song recordings sometimes, so the lady is supposedly wearing a bucket on her head because she likes the echo it provides. Not a very good answer, as noted by the good doctor. (more…)