One of My Faves

One of my favorite and most popular cartoons (among people who are not jackasses to the planet) is available on T-shirts until Monday, August 10, 2015 ONLY!  A portion of the proceeds will go to Roots & Shoots, an educational kid’s program run by the Jane Goodall Institute. Have a look and grab and shirt before it’s too late! And please forward the link to your adoring masses in any way you can!



Celebrity T-shirt!

If you’re like me, you’re always on the look out for subtle, unobtrusive ways to let people know that you are a deeply intellectual person of sophisticated taste.

Accordingly, I have designed this T-shirt, which tells people that you do not approve of the dumbing down of America (and other countries we have exported our banalities to [think McDonalds.])

This design is only available for another four days, then we’re going to bust up the printing press with a very big hammer. If the previous paragraph wasn’t enough to make you rush to order one (or more!), here is what this shirt would look like on celebrities. MediocrityCelebs



Limited-Edition Shirt!

Hey, Jazz Pickles, an old cartoon I posted recently featured a character wearing a T-shirt that says, “Mediocrity Rules”.

A number of folks asked for this shirt to be put on sale, so I gave in to popular demand and created it.

Get yours now, it will only be available for sale for two weeks! Ten different styles and colors, so check them out, snag a few for yourself (and as gifts for friends and enemies later) and subtly stand in defiance of the mediocrity all around you, without ever saying a word. (click the shirts for a larger view.)

My personal dream is to have 10,000 Jazz Pickles wearing this T-shirt out front of a Justin Bieber concert.Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 10.08.41 AM


Last Chance!

This is your last chance to order your Bizarro Bunny Pie Repair T-shirt. Only 10 hours left, then this design will be retired for eternity!BunnyShirtsPartonHasslehoff














This is #2 in a series of Bizarro custom T-shirts designed and drawn by my own hand, eyes, and brain. I used my arms a little, too.

PLUS, you won’t just be getting a quality art-garment that you will cherish for a lifetime, you’ll also be helping me send my attorney’s children through college, thanks to my greedy, spoiled ex-wife. (sigh)Bunny's 2 FINAL WEB  ORDER YOURS NOW!





You’ve been warned politely, don’t make me come to your house and put a piece of pie on your floor. This attractive and comfortable garment comes in men’s and women’s styles in a few different colors and is guaranteed to change your life in some small, nearly undetectable way!  Order NOW!Bunny's 2 FINAL WEB

ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT, then this design will be retired forever!

Number 2 in a series of highly-collectible, wearable art! (If you collect them and wear them.)Bunny Shirts WEB 1


Your Pie Needs This

Jazz Pickles and useless peasants alike have been asking for a Bunny’s Pie Repair (as seen in the internationally syndicated cartoon feature, “Bizarro”! [But not on TV]) T-shirt so here it is!  You’ll want one for yourself and several more for gifts in the upcoming holiday season! (Unfortunately, holiday seasons are always upcoming.)

Comes in men’s and women’s styles in a few different colors and is a real conversation starter––guaranteed to shield your torso and shoulders from bird shit. Order NOW!

ONLY SIX DAYS LEFT, then this design will be retired forever!

Number 2 in a series of highly-collectible, wearable art! (If you collect them and wear them.)Bunny's 2 FINAL WEBBunny Shirts WEB 1



Now Available! Bizarro Bunny’s Pie Repair T-shirt!

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER, so very soon the window of opportunity to possess this fine expression of art and comedy will SLAM SHUT on your regretful fingers.

Conscious and semi-conscious Jazz Pickles alike will remember that just a few months ago, I offered a limited-time sale on my first Bizarro Jazz Pickle T-shirt. Hundreds responded with a click of the purchase button and are happier today because of it. Some are even in a state of nirvana. And several are in the state of Nevada, of course.

Months of research, experiment, and development went into the construction of this second official Jazz Pickle shirt design so don’t be a dufas –– get one or more now! (More is best.) This time, THERE ARE 10 STYLES AND COLORS to choose from, so go kookoobananas and treat yourself to luxury! You deserve it. Bunny's 2 FINAL WEB










Click either image to make it bigger! 

Bunny Shirts WEB 1
















FINALLY! The Official Shirt!

Big news, Jazz Pickles! At long last you can show your pride with an OFFICIAL Jazz Pickle Pride shirt!

This is a limited-time offer and will only be available for two weeks from today. If 100 sell, they’ll print the shirts. If not, they won’t. This will make me sad because I’ve ordered one of every style and color for myself. Even the women’s shirts!

Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that I’m going to do a series of these designs, perhaps one per month, hence the #1 by my signature. Each will be different and wonderful, each will be a limited edition so you’ll want to collect them all, lest you find yourself in a pissing contest with another JP and they have more of the collection than you do. Perish the thought!

Here’s where to get it:

(Click this image to enlarge it)JazzPickleT02WEB

Jazz Pickle T-shirt Offer

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.04.56 AMEXCLUSIVE, LIMITED-EDITION T-SHIRTS from the Jazz Pickle Jar are available for only 1 week and 2 days more! PeaceShirt01 PeaceShirt2 PeaceShirts3

I first offered the T-shirt below, inspired by this Bizarro cartoon, a bit over a week ago. Some of my Jazz Pickles asked why I did not include anything on it saying where the shirt came from so I’VE ADDED TO THE DESIGN. The back of the shirt now has “For Jazz Pickle Use Only,” added to the bottom of the headline.

Never let it be said that your Grand Imperial Exhalted Jazz Pubah does not listen to his pickles!

These are high-quality shirts with silkscreened images, not those iron-on things. To get yours today, rush on over to the page beneath this link!

Also shown here, are the variety of styles and colors you can get. I have no control over the sizes offered, so I hope there’s one that fits you and your loved ones (or enemies.)

My next project is going to be a series of Jazz Pickle T-shirts that will tell the world that you are proud to be a JP.

Look for the first LIMITED EDITION shirt to pop up on this blog in the coming days! Each will be totally different and each will be for sale for a limited time, then the design will be retired for good. So don’t miss out. Seriously, that would suck for you.




Special T-shirt Offer

Here’s a fun bit of news for those of you in The Jar. I’ve created a LIMITED EDITION T-shirt based on one of my comics that is only for Jazz Pickles. Show your JP pride by purchasing a hundred of them and convincing a hundred of your friends to do the same!

It will only be on sale for a short while and then it disappears forever, so you know what that means: COLLECTOR’S ITEM! And who doesn’t need more collector’s items? Here’s the shirt it’s based on, click here for a link to the products available for a LIMITED TIME!