Bearing Traffic

Bizarro 04-03-16 hdrWEB

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As my faithful Jazz Pickles know, I enjoy the occasional pun as long as it is unpredictable and suggests a good picture. This is one such pun, suggested by my friend, Ed Cohen. Ed gave me “Gridlock and the Three Bears” and I came up with the rest. I had a great time illustrating the classic cars, of which I am a fan but cannot afford a warehouse full of like my comedy colleague, Jay Leno has. (The limit of my current budget is one vintage motorcycle, a ’73 BMW.) I think Bunny’s Emergency Pie Repair truck is amusing, as well as the Odd Duck storefront in the background, and I have always been a fan of the AMC Pacer, one of the strangest little cars ever to be mass produced. (People who hated it said it looked like a “pregnant toaster,” but that was exactly why I loved it!) If you click the cartoon and embiggenate it, you will see that where those cars typically had a “Pacer” logo, mine says “Pie”. Other amusing-yet-tiny details are the Pacer’s license plate, which was issued in the state of “Fornia” and the truck’s, which is from a state called “Dohio”. As you can see from the small number above my signature, there are six secret symbols to be found in this cartoon, as well.

Pillow Talk Pollo

bz panel 01-24-14bz strip 01-24-14Bizarro is brought to you today by What I’m Not Listening To Today.

I confess I have no idea why I wrote this gag. For some reason I thought that a guy at an obgyn’s office being told he had a pillow in his shirt would be funny. Now I’m not so sure. It would’ve been a little funnier if he’d been in one of those stirrup chairs but maybe not much funnier. I can’t believe I missed that detail. Perhaps I was drunk or high or just experiencing a momentary lapse in I.Q.  I don’t know the answer, but here is the result. Perhaps one or two of you will find it amusing for some personal reason. (more…)