Safety Scythe

(Search for the 8 Secret Symbols in the cartoon below by clicking on any skull.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Giving Mom Hidden Powers.

If you have kids, chances are that from time to time, your Sunday looks a bit like the scene above. That’s why it’s important to be certain the kids are using blunted weapons and farm implements in their playtime. You can never be too safe; as you can see, the Grim Reaper’s kids are using safety scythes even though they have no eyes to lose.

Unauthorized Cameo Alert

Here’s a quick notice to let you know that my creepy visage has appeared in the background of another “Watson” comic. Look below and see if you can find me.Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.53.48 AM

For more fun art and comics from the wildly roaming mind of Jim Horwitz (JimmyHo to his friends) go to his FB page and go crazy. He’s got lots of good Halloweeny stuff right now. I love his art and his ideas are ALL OVER THE MAP.  Which is, in my humble opinion, a good thing! (more…)

Bonus Post

Here are a few fun things.

First, my buddy Jim Horwitz (aka JimmyHo) writes a comic called “Watson.” It’s a quirky little feature, to be sure, and Jim tends to meander all over the place with it but that’s exactly what I love about it. And I particularly adore his artwork. In spite of how they look, they are not printed in newspapers with the reverse side of the page bleeding through, that’s some kind of wacky Photoshop trick that JimmyHo has devised. I’m no novice at Photoshop, but I have no idea how he does this. It’s cool, though. (more…)

Death-Wish Slugs and More

(Here’s an old favorite of mine. Click the pretzel to see it so awful big.)

Hello, Bizarro Jazz Pickles. (That is what I’ve decided to call my readers. Thoughts?) I have a few fun things to tell you about today:

1. There is a short blog post about my secret symbols on a website called Daily Ink. The first and last paragraph were written by the person who runs that blog, the rest of the stuff in the middle was written by me. I didn’t want you to think that I wrote a hyperbolic phrase like “brilliant madcap masterpiece” about myself. That would be gross. Regardless, I explain my secret symbols, what they mean, how they started, and how they will figure into the salvation of mankind. (Not at all.) Read it here. (more…)